Increase your crew’s comfort while increasing your profits. Our crew and attendant rest areas are built for convenience and comfort while making use of your aircraft’s unused overhead space. Placing your crew rest above the main flight deck gives airlines the freedom to use the entire main deck area for passenger seating – with the potential to generate between $4.9 million and $11.25 million in additional revenue per aircraft over 20 years.

Boeing 777-200 door 1 overhead flight crew rest

Our Overhead Flight Crew Rest (OFCR) is engineered to take full advantage of the unused overhead volume in the Boeing 777-200’s crown to accommodate up to four occupants. Located “upstairs” in the aft of the flight deck, the OFCR affords flight crews complete privacy without compromising the rest and sleep area. The OFCR includes two premium business class seats and two spacious, wide-berth beds with optional features such as a closet, sink or lavatory.

Boeing 777 door 3 overhead attendant rest

Provide comfortable, quiet sleeping quarters for up to eight flight attendants with the added bonus of two in-flight seat positions with our Overhead Attendant Rest (OHAR). The OHAR’s symmetric design provides greater ease of access for attendants while maximizing revenue-generating space on the main floor. And it’s fully customizable based on your needs.

Save space and generate revenue

Engineered to take full advantage of the unused overhead volume in the midsection of the wide-body 777-200ER airplane, the OHAR frees up the equivalent of more than 16 revenue-producing seats or one 96-by-125-inch cargo pallet. This, in addition to the 66 percent weight savings (compared with a lower lobe crew rest), makes the OHAR the perfect investment to reduce operating costs and increase revenue, producing a complete return on investment in as little as 18 months.


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