Cabin solution enhancements

Tools for maximizing the cabin experience

Regardless of what your passengers are looking to do, Collins Aerospace’s ARINCDirectSM cabin solutions provide the foundation for a passenger experience that allows them to relax or work in any location, at any flight level. You and your passengers will have the tools you need to always keep your service running seamlessly – all backed by our worldwide, 24X7 support team.

Our cabin enhancement tools include:

ARINCDirect cabin usage app

Ensure your service is connected and view utilization graphs that indicate the rate at which your cabin data is being consumed.

Coverage overlay maps

Pilots can ensure they aren’t flying out of satellite coverage, into a dark beam or restricted airspace.

Content filtering

Control costs by determining the type of content that can be accessed using your onboard Internet.

ARINCDirect ground connect

Passengers and pilots can utilize onboard 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity – without throttling and without network roaming.

ARINCDirect cabin connect

Gives passengers the capability to pay for their individual access to Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) usage using a credit card.

Network analyzer app

Easy-to-use network troubleshooting tools to help restore onboard connectivity.

ARINCDirectSM cabin cybersecurity

Have confidence making financial transactions, video conferencing, chatting, texting, watching movies, using social media and using the internet.

ARINCDirectSM Dial

A ground-to-air telephone service that provides your aircraft or fleet with a standard local phone number which routes calls to any handset in the aircraft.

Airborne Data Router (ADR)

Enables flight deck and cabin connectivity for IP devices and EFBs.