Passenger Services

Keeping you connected at every flight level

Today’s business jet travelers are looking for the fastest connectivity inflight. Live streaming, teleconferencing, VPN, VoIP capabilities, internet and email inflight have become standard and even expected. Regardless of what your passengers are looking to do, Collins Aerospace’s ARINCDirectSM has the cabin solutions you need to provide the experience they want. We utilize our expertise in all phases of flight and our outstanding technical support, to help you exceed your passengers' expectations.

Iridium Certus

Iridium stands alone as the only satellite network providing true pole-to-pole connectivity, so you’re never out of reach. The service operates from a unique network architecture and a network of 66 low-Earth-orbit satellites providing global service, even in poor weather conditions. No large antenna is necessary, which minimizes weight and decreases fuel costs compared with existing systems.

  • Speeds starting at 352 Kbps and future speeds up to 704 Kbps with eventual speeds reaching approximately 1.4 Mbps

  • Global coverage

  • Simultaneous voice and data capabilities

  • Supports Future Air Navigation System (FANS) data link for pilots to take advantage of preferred routing worldwide, along with satellite voice capabilities

  • Well suited for any size aircraft

Inmarsat Jet ConneX (JX)

Inmarsat JX provides you with the unique ability to access broadband services at faster speeds with more bandwidth and global coverage. Whether your passengers are looking for an office-in-the-sky or want to relax and watch a movie, JX makes it possible. With Collins Aerospace’s ARINCDirect you’ll receive tools to enhance your JX usage and management through every phase of flight, ultimately improving the passenger experience and optimizing costs.
  • Speeds up to 20 Mbps, some of the fastest available in business aviation today
  • Global coverage (except polar regions)
  • Inmarsat-5 satellites
  • Ideal for streaming live video, video teleconferences, VoIP, browsing the internet, email and VPN
  • Only connectivity option with Committed Information Rates (CIR)

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB)

Inmarsat SBB offers you a highly reliable and trusted solution for cabin connectivity around the globe. If your passengers simply want to browse the internet and send emails, then SBB is the right choice for you. Paired with the enhanced services from Collins Aerospace ARINCDirect you’ll gain a clear line of sight into your connectivity plan and the applications you need to manage it.
  • Speeds up to 432 Kbps
  • Global coverage (except polar regions)
  • Inmarsat-4 satellites
  • Ideal for VoIP, fax, browsing internet, email and VPN

Viasat Ku-Advanced

From taxi to touchdown, Ku-band Advanced Mobile Broadband service from Viasat delivers high-speed internet for business aviation. If your passengers want seamless connectivity, to continue their work, as well as the ability to stream movies and teleconference, then this service is a great option for you. The larger data packages and affordable prices from Viasat makes it easy for you to better manage your budget.   
  • Speeds up to 1.5-6 Mbps depending on the selected plan
  • Available for heavy traffic routes, expanding global coverage
  • Ideal for streaming live stream video, video teleconferences, VoIP, internet, browsing the internet, email and VPN 

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband 200 (SB200)

When you want the reliability of the Inmarsat-4 satellites, but don’t need the full bandwidth of SwiftBroadband, SB200 is the perfect option. The service requires lightweight equipment that provides you with data and voice services at an affordable price. 
  • Speeds up to 200 Kbps
  • Worldwide coverage, between 58 degrees N and 58 degrees S latitude
  • Inmarsat-4 satellites
  • Ideal for browsing the internet, email, VPN, VoIP and fax

ARINCDirectSM Ground Connect

When your aircraft is on the ground, Collins Aerospace offers an economical option for being connected while it taxis. With Collins' ARINCDirectSM Ground Connect, your passengers and pilots can utilize onboard 3G/4G/LTE cellular connectivity - without throttling and without network roaming.
  • Service in over 185 countries and territories
  • Provides global connectivity using a single SIM card in your airborne router
  • Simple and flexible zone pricing structure