You need long-range voice communications in remote locations. Collins Aerospace gives you the capability and reliability you need with the HF-9000 system. Plus, the system is compatible with advanced flight deck systems so you get the latest technology microprocessors, direct digital frequency synthesis and fiber optics. The HF-9000 (control unit, receiver/transmitter and antenna coupler) is designed for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Its pressurized antenna coupler offers full operational capability at extreme altitudes and temperatures. And it maximizes the radiated high-frequency signal power. Each antenna coupler stores 50 manually tuned frequencies and can learn and store tuning data for 99 preset channels. Communication possibilities with this technology include long-range ATC contact, weather and marine storm warnings, radiotelephone service for personal messages and ARINC operational control services.
  • Enables economical long-range voice communications in Oceanic, Polar and remote land regions
  • Works seamlessly with the Collins Aerospace portfolio of communications products
  • The antenna coupler’s dedicated memory holds a list of previous tuned frequencies, which provides fast tuning times and quick channel changes
  • The antenna coupler uses solid-state tuning to provide greater reliability over analog-based mechanical tuning devices
  • The HF transceiver operates on frequencies spaced 100 Hz apart in the 2 to 29.9999 MHz band
  • Enables you to call up 99 user-programmed half-duplex or simplex channels, 249 half-duplex ITU channels or six emergency channels
  • The HF transceiver mode provides USB, UD, AM equivalent, CW, LSB and LD operation. The 99 user-programmed channels can be programmed to operate in any of these modes.
  • Uses fiber-optic technology to interconnect all system elements for increased bandwidth, reduced EMI and installation weight
  • Available with selectable power outputs of 175, 50, or 10 watts PEP (optional 200 watts receiver/transmitter)
  • Uses BIT for diagnostic testing and monitoring
  • Control uses diachronic LCD for optimum readability in all lighting conditions

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