Venue upgrade for Falcon F2000

The path to enjoying modern cabin capability

Dassault’s modernization program to install Service Bulletin (SB) systems on your Falcon 2000 presents the perfect time to upgrade to our Venue cabin management system as well. The exquisite displays and rich features are the same you’ll find on the latest production aircraft.

Dassault Aviation and Collins Aerospace have worked together closely to design a seamless upgrade path for your aircraft. There are distinct advantages to upgrading during your scheduled SB downtime. You can be assured all modifications will be safe and to SB specifications. You’ll have the proper authority approvals. And, you’ll have the assurance that an OEM-affiliated house will be performing the upgrade.

Installing Venue to SB specifications can also help preserve the value of your asset. When Venue capabilities are backed by SB traceability and OEM coordination, the aircraft can be more attractive to future buyers.