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Two women using airport kiosks

Global air traffic doubles every 15 years. Passenger traffic will rise an average of 5 percent a year for the next several decades. While this is great news for aviation as a whole, it creates new challenges for airports to keep people moving efficiently. That is why the industry has been so adoptive of self-serve solutions that allow passengers to bypass traditional lines.

Collins Aerospace have a proven record of innovation and reliability and we have delivered first-of-its-kind technology such as self-boarding gates, self-baggage tagging and automated one-way security corridors.

With smartphone users expected to reach 1.5 billion in just a few years, the passenger expectation will be to navigate multiple airport touch points and nearly 90 percent of airports plan to invest in mobile apps and infrastructure. Our ARINC Self-Serve Solutions will be there to help airports keep people moving efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

Biometric facial recognition showing 4 key areas of ARINC SelfPass process through the airport: mobile self-enrollment, passport, boarding pass, and biometric processor

Biometric solutions

As the aviation industry continues to grow the world over and airports face the challenges of more and more traffic, the passenger expectation for a seamless journey through the terminal is only increasing. Our ARINC SelfPass biometrics technology provides walking-pace identity management from the curb to the gate. Airports can deploy the standalone self-service solutions at any touchpoint in minutes.

Self-service bag drop

With the consistent growth of air traffic, airports and airlines are continuously challenged to increase the capacity of terminals while maintaining high passenger satisfaction. Self-service bag drops mitigate long queues, create more flexibility for staffing to be reallocated and give passengers more control of their journey. Easily implemented on-site or off at hotels, rental car agencies, convention centers or on cruise ships, our self service bag drop solution is designed to keep travelers happy and operations flowing.

Airport self service kiosks

Self-service kiosks

More than 80 percent of check-ins are now performed using self-service technology. And with smartphones driving how we interact with this technology, airports and airlines are looking to support passenger expectations of a seamless self-service journey through terminal touchpoints from the door to the gate. Our ARINC SelfServ kiosk platform is aligned with IATA’s Fast Travel programme to meet today’s evolving needs and keep passengers moving from the moment they enter the airport.

Solutions for border management

We offer a complete set of products and services to meet any country’s unique border management requirements. Whether it’s Advanced Passenger Information (API), Passenger Name Records (PNR), API/PNR, or automated data fully integrated into your systems, we will customize a solution that meets your government’s needs.

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