Seamless Passenger Journey

Providing the foundation for developing a seamless and contact-free airport experience

As the aviation industry looks to recover from the global pandemic, airlines and airports face new challenges as they return to full operations. In the post-COVID-19 world, new expectations will drive decisions about health and safety when traveling. How will airports accommodate a desire for a seamless, near-contactless journey through the airport? We can help. Our solutions address key problem areas at airports:

  • Congestion - Improved management of areas where passengers congregate, including check in, security and boarding gates
  • Contact - minimizing the need to touch airport systems, such as check-in kiosks and bag tags
  • Interaction - minimizing contact with airport, airline or security personnel
  • Document exchange - eliminating the need to handle and share the exchange of paper documents, including boarding passes, passports and visas

Providing the foundation for developing a seamless airport experience

Our team at Collins Aerospace continues to deliver next-generation passenger processing solutions that will improve the seamless passenger journey through airports, and create innovative ways to address the reality of traveling in a post-pandemic environment. Our technologies for developing a seamless journey include:

  • ARINC Self Service solutions Our passenger processing and passenger facilitation solutions help get passengers into and through the airport as quickly as possible, including:
    • Check-in kiosks
    • Baggage processing kiosk and baggage drops
    • Contactless kiosk connect  
    • Security checkpoints
    • Self-boarding gates
  • ARINC SelfPass™ Biometric solutions Enable document-free movement through airport touchpoints with passenger self-enrollment and the creation of a single-token identification:
    • Using facial recognition technology integrated into ARINC Self Service solutions eliminates the need for passengers to present any documents —or even touch any airport system—to check-in, print a bag tag, drop off bags, pass through pre-security and board an aircraft.

Biometrics can provide airports with a host of benefits, helping to create a seamless journey and more

There are several major touchpoints involved in a passenger’s journey — from the time a person leaves home to arriving at the departure airport, to boarding the aircraft before take off. Collins Aerospace is ready to help with leading-edge technology that is available now to aid passengers in moving safely and confidently through each touchpoint. Our solutions reduce contact between passengers, airport and airline personnel and eliminate the physical act of touching surfaces. And because this is a dynamic situation, we’re keeping our fingers on the pulse of change, to quickly develop enhancements that will further restore passenger confidence.

At Collins, we can help create a seamless passenger journey at key airport touchpoints:

Collins Aerospace Contactless Touchless Passenger Journey

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