ARINC Automated Border Control

Reduce operating costs, maintain operational flow, avoid congestion - ARINC ABC

People inside an airport

As border control grows more important than ever in aviation and airports, it becomes more challenging to maintain operational flow in airports and avoid congestion at checkpoints. That is why we, in support of current strategic e-borders initiatives, have built the Collins Aerospace ARINC Automated Border Control (AABC) system.

AABC is a security clearance system designed to maintain the integrity of existing systems, advance it with modern facial recognition technology and provide passengers a fast-track option for border crossing. Deployed for a number of years in several European locations, AABC is a proven technology that has cleared millions of passengers already.

Key elements of the AABC system include:

  • Adaptable modular configuration
  • Minimal infrastructure installation
  • Line-of-sight transparency through physical equipment
  • Central monitoring and management system
  • Integrated intelligent video surveillance
  • Height-adjustable sensors and controlled lighting for International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-compliant capture and matching