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NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports cMUSE - cloud architecture supports airport and airline common-use applications that handle everything from passenger check-in and bag drop to security and boarding.

ARINC Airports AirVue Flight information Displays - Enables you to put important information where it's needed most.

ARINC Airports Systems Integration - Highest levels of efficiency and reliability from legacy and state of the art architecture, at every critical touch-point, and from door to door.

ARINC Managed Services data sheet - can help reduce airport operations support costs while optimizing your technology.

ARINC Cybersecurity solutions


NEW RELEASE: SelfPass - Using biometrics at touchpoints throughout the airport creates a seamless, stress-free and even safer experience for travelers – from check-in to destination.

NEW RELEASE: SmartBag - With Collins Aerospace’s ARINC SmartBag™ you’ll know exactly where every bag is in real time. It utilizes an unlimited number of scan points to provide a clear and continuous big picture of the baggage process.

ARINC Airports SelfServ - Host any airline with CUSS airport systems-compliant check-in application, without reengineering.

NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports APC - Automated Passport Control kiosks provide an efficient way to improve passenger flow at United States immigration and customs checkpoints.

NEW RELEASE: ARINC Airports SelfDrop - speed travellers through their journey while making the best use of limited resources.

ARINC Airports AirDB - We understand that one solution does not meet all needs, so we’ve added extensive customization capabilities and user layouts to ARINC AirDB to help support you.

ARINC Airports AirPlan - Optimize resources and reduce airport operating costs with our Resource Management System (RMS).

ARINC Airports AirTQM - Improve on-time performance for airlines, airports and ground handling agents.

ARINC Airports VeriPax - Provide a full range of passenger management functionality.

Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) for critical infrastructure

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