Turnaround Management

Giving ramp managers more control of turnaround times

Passengers at an airport terminal

Over half of today's flight delays are caused by ramp operations not being completed on time, proving costly not only for that flight but also the impending chain reaction of flight delays following it. Compounding the problem, typical ground operations still rely on cumbersome radio communications and paper-based data entry.

Collins Aerospace's ARINC AirTQM is a ramp management tool that gives ramp supervisors automated, real-time information on the status of all aircraft turnaround activities, helping them ensure on-time departure. Capturing activities such as pushback and towing, fuelling, catering, cleaning, cargo and baggage loading and unloading, and crew and passenger boarding enables operators greater precision. This leads to more accurate invoices and the retrieval of uncollected revenue.

Running on a ruggedized personal digital assistant (PDA), ARINC AirTQM features an intuitive web interface that shows information in a graphical format, highlighting critical status changes so ramp managers can make decisions quickly and direct resources more efficiently. In addition, as a web-based application developed with the latest tools, ARINC AirTQM allows operations planners to easily view current and historical information for multiple airports.

AirTQM stores invaluable service data, enabling reports to be generated for

  • Service level monitoring and validation
  • Verifying scheduled and ad hoc services billing accuracy
  • Work schedule planning and forecasting
  • Trend analysis

To find out more about Collins' ARINC AirTQM and how it can help you improve your turnaround times and increase your service invoicing, please contact us.

  • Helps reduce delays and costly ground time
  • Turnaround analysis application
  • Fast, easy training
  • Available as a stand-alone or an ASP application
  • Easily integrated with existing operational software
  • Designed to be in line with International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s Simplifying the Business initiative

ARINC AirTQM gives operators the ability to create time-saving templates stored by aircraft type, registration, carrier configuration, and stand/gate.