Airport Cloud Solutions

Scalable, Integrated Cloud IT Systems

Person at airport

Collins Aerospace cloud technology enables airlines and airports to deploy systems far more rapidly than ever before. We offer solutions for those with or without dedicated core rooms. We will work with you to implement a fully scalable and flexible solution to fit your IT infrastructure and meet your operational needs for today and the future.

A collaborative approach

With decades of experience in the airport environment and more than a hundred airport customers worldwide, we understand the importance of a collaborative approach to airport IT.

Our cloud solutions are scalable from a single workstation to thousands, ensuring the same functionality across your operations, with the same support and service for any size airport. We can expand your capacity for seasonal requirements when necessary and provide workstations for offsite and remote support, all with the appropriate application build to allow for software version control consistency across a single airport or airport group.

Automated updates

Software updates, patches and application releases are implemented through the cloud when you want to install them and subject to your change control processes, saving your operations the time and costs of doing them in-house.

Use existing hardware and infrastructure

Our cloud solution allows you to keep using the same hardware already installed at your airport and not have to refresh it based on the latest applications required, allowing you to provide the same seamless passenger experience without interruptions.

cMUSE - State of the art passenger processing in the cloud

Our ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE™) passenger processing system has been helping the aviation industry share resources and reduce operating costs for decades. It supports more than 300 airlines at over 100 airports worldwide. ARINC cMUSE provides all the same critical reliability, security and capabilities in the cloud, while eliminating software engineering costs. It can be deployed in the public cloud, managed by Collins Aerospace or installed on-premise where there is still a requirement for core room infrastructure.

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