Avionics upgrades from Collins Aerospace help operators move cargo as safely as possible

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on individuals and businesses across the globe for more than a year now. But for aviation, there have been two sharp and opposite effects. First was the drop in demand for passenger flights. Next came the unexpected surge in demand for cargo planes to ferry around personal protective equipment, home-office and school supplies, vaccines, and, yes, the many impulse and comfort purchases people have made to get through it all.

In response, Collins Aerospace is helping customers navigate the new normal with avionics solutions to help cargo reach its destination as safely as possible. And these solutions come with Collins’ world-class customer support available wherever and whenever needed.

Our key avionics offerings are noted below, or contact us at [email protected] for more information about how we can support your efforts.

MultiScan ThreatTrack™ Weather Radar

Unexpected bad weather can negatively impact flight paths, not to mention the time needed for inspections following an unanticipated lightning strike. With MultiScan ThreatTrack™ Weather Radar from Collins Aerospace, cargo pilots can scan up to 48 different weather cells to avoid hail and lightning before it becomes an issue.

WXR-2100 MultiScan ThreatTrack™ Weather Radar

Voice and Data-Link Communications via Iridium®

Collins Aerospace can help cargo operators stay in touch with their operations departments no matter how remote their location. We provide reliable voice and data communications over the global Iridium® satellite network, including worldwide Future Air Navigation System (FANS) and Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) coverage, through our low-cost, lightweight transceivers. And installation is available through a comprehensive and turnkey retrofit. 

IRT-2110/2120 Iridium® SATCOM transceivers

Head Up Guidance System with Enhanced Vision

With Collins Aerospace’s Head Up Displays combined with our Enhanced Flight Vision System, cargo pilots can enhance their actual view of the landing environment by providing a real world video image of the runway. With EFVS-equipped aircraft, pilots can allow for an approach with reduced minima in a broad range of weather conditions.

Vision Systems

Large format display options for B767 cargo aircraft

As more and more B767 aircraft take to the skies as cargo planes, many operators are looking for ways to extend the life of their aircraft. As many of these older planes are equipped with legacy flight decks requiring regular maintenance, operators are encouraged to consider an upgraded solution from Collins Aerospace that includes large-format displays and head-up guidance to greatly extend the life of the fleet.

767/757 Large Format Display System Flight Deck Retrofit

SBAS capable multi-mode receivers

Cargo operators – whether those already in this business or those just converting to cargo fleets – often find themselves flying to new and unfamiliar destinations. And given the importance of meeting delivery deadlines, they must be able to safely fly anywhere at any time. Collins’ GLU-2100 MMR offers advanced global navigation capabilities that can protect against GPS-jamming with the benefit of highly accurate GNSS solutions, including SBAS and LPV that support all current airspace navigation and landing requirements. And future capabilities can then be supported via efficient software-only upgrades.

GLU-2100 Multi-Mode Receiver

Cargo deck fire protection

Cargo decks require smoke detectors and fire extinguishers tailored to the volume of the cargo compartments. Collins Aerospace has multiple options to help. For temporary converted passenger aircraft transporting cargo on existing seats, we offer non Halon based (green) portable extinguishers that meet both FAA and EASA regulations. Besides cargo deck fire detection and suppression, we also offer engine and APU fire protection systems.

Halotron BrX™ “Green” Handheld Cabin Extinguisher

Cargo video surveillance

Keeping an eye on what’s happening outside the cockpit is important for pilots of cargo aircraft. Our solutions provide pilots with situational awareness as to what is happening on all cargo decks without leaving their seats, even streaming video right to their tablets. Beyond the flight itself, our products can even monitor the loading and unloading of cargo ULDs via a recorded or livestreamed video feed sent directly to cargo operation headquarters.

Video Systems

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