Next-generation Evolution™ seat from Collins Aerospace offers increased cabin room, comfort for business aviation passengers

commercial first-class seats in four different reclining positions
  • Evolution’s design combines commercial first-class seating with executive aircraft seating
  • Seat operates on a proprietary triple roller system for a smooth transition

GENEVA (MAY 21, 2019) – At this year’s EBACE, Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), will launch its next-generation Evolution™ seat, which seamlessly combines commercial first-class seating with executive aircraft seating. The new offering builds upon the industry-leading success of the first generation Evolution seat with increased living space and comfort.

“Evolution is unmatched in its ability to scale from a business class seat to a super first class seat,” said Ian Webb, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Seating at Collins Aerospace (on-site at EBACE). “This foundation coupled with ease of maintenance and reliability testing makes for one of the highest quality business jet seats on the market.”

Evolution provides greater room inside the cabin due to its unique recline design allowing for close-to-bulkhead installations. A traditional seat must be floor tracked or seat-base tracked and reclines in two motions, while
Evolution reclines in one continuous motion. The seat has a compact pedestal base that allows designers the ability to achieve the appearance of a floating seat and it operates on a proprietary triple roller system for a smooth transition between seat positions with minimal effort. It also has an extended leg rest to accommodate a range of occupant sizes.

Additionally, with a one-touch control, the seat adjusts immediately to the proper takeoff and landing positions, as well as provides a “zero gravity” recline position to reduce pressure points during flight. Its patented headrest, with tilt provides head support for reading and working, and fits flush into the backrest when the seat is in a full-flat position. Articulating armrests on the seat can also be lowered to produce a wider sleeping surface.

Collins Aerospace is committed to investing in features that make its customer’s journeys safer, more reliable and as comfortable as possible. The investment in Evolution is one example of the company’s ability to develop certifiable and customized products for any platform.

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