Collins’ solutions help airports achieve a more sustainable future. We leverage technology to help eliminate the need for passengers to repeatedly show printed identification documents (saving paper), reduce or eliminate the need for computer core rooms (lowering energy costs) and decrease aircraft taxiing and turnaround times (saving fuels costs and reducing emissions).

We invite you to discover solutions designed to enable a Connected, Seamless and Sustainable Airport where passengers can move through the airport quickly and more easily.  Stop by our booth #Z2.4000 in Hall 7.3 where we’ll discuss topics including:

  • How biometrics improves the travel experience by making processing faster and more seamless with walking-pace identity management from the curb to the gate.
  • How analytics can turn the vast amount of data generated in the airport ecosystem into actionable information that can be used to improve decision making.
  • What cloud technology can do to optimize resources, improve sustainability and reduce costs by eliminating excess servers, core computing space and technical resources that can be allocated elsewhere.
  • How FlightAware can provide aircraft flight tracking, data, and analysis for real-time and historical flight information and insights to all segments of the aviation marketplace. FlightAware taps into data from hundreds of sources including its own terrestrial ADS-B network comprising thousands of receivers around the world to provide new insights to airports.

Collins Aerospace is Redefining Air Travel and charting the path to an easier, and more connected travel experience – now and into the future. Our global Airport Solutions business is uniquely positioned to provide revolutionary digital solutions to our customers, enabling them to bring forth their vision of seamless passenger journey.