A passion for problem-solving

Meet the 2022 Collins Aerospace Engineers of the Year and learn how their ingenuity and commitment to customers drives product and process innovation.

Let’s hear it for the problem-solvers and the challenge-accepters – also known as the engineers. It’s Engineers Week, and Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies business, celebrates engineers everywhere and the big, bold ideas they bring to their work.

More than 15,000 of Collins’ nearly 68,000 employees are part of our engineering workforce. That’s a lot of brain power, and that’s why, every year, the business makes a point to recognize those who, through their ingenuity and perseverance, have gone above and beyond to solve some of the toughest challenges in service of our customers.

And, while each engineer you’ll meet below is quick to shout out the collaborative efforts of their teams and the engineers who have come before them as keys to their success – we recognize them as trailblazers and leaders of innovation in their own right.

Meet our 2022 Engineers of the Year:

(Legacy) Mechanical Systems
Cedric Antraygue
Engineer, Cockpit Advanced Technology Group Leader
Propeller Systems/Active Side Sticks Unit (SSU)
Figeac, France

Innovation: Cedric worked closely with a key customer on the second-generation of Collin’s active side stick flight controls, earning the team preferred supplier status on the customer’s new helicopter platform. The side stick solution places the main flight controls to the side of the pilots’ seats, giving them a better sightline to the screens in front of them. Upgrades included improved responsiveness and connectivity, designed to enhance communication between pilot and co-pilot and increase situational awareness for both.

On bringing customer solutions to life:

“I enjoy turning ideas into action and creating something from scratch. It is incredibly satisfying to be a part of the genesis of a new product, from early discussions with a customer to seeing the final product in action.” – Cedric

(Legacy) Aerostructures
Novin Aryafar
Associate Director, Structure Engineering
Airbus Programs Structure Manager
Chula Vista, California

Innovation: Novin developed new certification methods and oversaw key product improvements – from design and production to field support -- on Collins’ largest nacelle program. The process efficiencies are expected to produce significant cost savings over the program’s lifetime. Novin was also instrumental in the development of analysis methodology, testing and approval processes for new thermoplastic nacelle components, designed to be even lighter than previous models.

On inspiration and influences:

“I’ve always been fascinated by science and figuring out the way things work. I remember being captivated watching the Apollo 11 spacecraft on TV and my father explaining the role of an engineer to me for the first time. … My mother [also taught my sister and I] the value of studying hard, building a career and earning our own income.” – Novin

Mission Systems
Caitlin Calderon
Principal Systems Engineer
Monitoring & Sensing Solutions
Vergennes, Vermont

Innovation: Caitlin led three major initiatives to advance the next generation of fuel-gauging products and to make the systems more compatible with sustainable aviation fuel. She was also the engineering test equipment lead for a large airframe customer and led an external fuel tank addition program for the FA-18 aircraft.

On what keeps her going and growing as an engineer:

“I always wanted to keep learning and become a leader who could contribute technically. Now, all the programs I work on -- whether it’s one or 10 – are challenging and exciting.” – Caitlin

Power & Controls
Jazmine Collado
Engineer II, Manufacturing, Engineering Operations
Engine & Airframe Control Systems
Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Innovation: Jazmine implemented significant manufacturing process improvements for automated welding and inspection of air bearings, which are the interface between the rotating and stationary components in a machine. Without the thin film of air created by the bearings, the machine shaft would not be able to spin. Jazmine’s improvements helped cut production time by almost half and reduced the amount of scrap created in the machining process.

On paving the way for career paths:

“I’ve always been passionate about math, and I was inspired by my father (also an engineer) to better understand how the things around me work.” – Jazmine

David Han
Associate Director, Project Engineer
Head-up Guidance Systems/Enhanced Vision Systems
Wilsonville, Oregon

Innovation: David led a team of 30 engineers across multiple disciplines on updates to the next generation of Collins’ Enhanced Vision System (EVS) products. The new EVS-7000 Enhanced Vision Sensor uses multiple infrared cameras and sensors to increase situational awareness for pilots and help them better navigate low-visibility conditions in the air and on the ground. David’s partnership with customers every step of the way built trust and led to a significant business win.

On the power of relationship-building:

“Our ability to effectively communicate with our customers, to understand our products and their requirements, and knowing how to map that back to a mutually beneficial solution in a positive, synergistic way, is something I’m proud of.” – David

Tyler Hoover
Senior Manager, Mechanical Engineer
Commercial Seating Design
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Innovation: Tyler led the design and collaborated on the certification of two new products for the interiors of commercial aircraft: a seat that allows business-class passengers to lie flat, and an economy-class seat designed to be among the lightest in the industry.

On what sets the engineering field apart:

“I wanted to become an engineer, because it’s one of the few fields where you get to design, build, test and actually use your creation. I look forward to the next challenge and how – as a team – we’re going to overcome it.” – Tyler

Central Functions
Ravi Ranjan
Principal Engineer
Flight Management Systems
Hyderabad, India

Ravi developed a new process to help standardize updates and installation for a leading flight management software platform, which led to shortened production times and cost savings for the team and, in turn, for customers.

On the perks of problem-solving:

“The best part about being an engineer is using your creativity every day and being a part of the solution to the problem. I want to be part of the solution.” – Ravi