Creating an aircrafted flying experience

By Troy Brunk, president, Interiors, Collins Aerospace

Maintaining a constant focus on shaping solutions throughout the cabin

After more than a year of staying home – missing loved ones and scrapping travel plans – there’s optimism in the air as we sense some normalcy on the horizon. 

And despite going through so much uncertainty in the aerospace industry, our aircraft interiors teams have never worked harder.

From our involvement in the Collins Redefining Air Travel task force, to the continued support of our customers and passengers who interact with our products, our interiors teams maintain a strong spirit of innovation in creating new ways to enhance the flying experience – all to elevate how we can travel with comfort, productivity and confidence.

We’ve sustained our focus on the tiniest details, every one of which excites us and comes together to create superior experiences for passengers and optimal operation for our customers. It’s this steadfast dedication to developing solutions to the highest levels of quality and sophistication that make our interior products aircrafted.

Aircrafted to meet the highest standards of passengers, airlines and manufacturers alike. From designing seats that balance comfort, weight and durability, to crafting the perfect a cup of espresso at altitude, and designing lighting that helps passengers arrive more relaxed and refreshed, Collins’ interior products are aircrafted with optimized travel in mind.

Now, as Collins further redefines aerospace by focusing on healthier and easier air travel, our aircraft cabin interiors teams continue to play a vital role in these efforts, now and well into the future. Solutions focused on enhancing cleanliness to boost passenger confidence will be innovatively designed, engineered – and aircrafted to the exacting standards Collins has always been known for.

We’re eager to return to the skies, and we’re equally excited to show what makes our interiors solutions imaginative, innovative – and truly aircrafted for travelers all over the world.