We’re going All in for Quality

A message from Hamdi Kozlu, vice president, Quality, Collins Aerospace

A version of this article first appeared on the Collins Aerospace employee intranet on October, 31, 2020. We’re sharing it on our social channels to be sure all of our employees, all around the world, don’t miss this important message about our ongoing commitment to Quality in everything we do!

November was World Quality Month, a time to recognize, celebrate and reflect on our dedication to all things quality. At Collins, we remain committed to quality through continuous improvement, a willingness to raise our hands when something doesn't meet our expectations and a constant dedication to building trust with our customers.

Our reputation for quality is not only critical to our business relationships – it's critical to the people whose safety depends on the quality of our products. Regardless of the mission or flight, people count on us to execute each product to perfect quality standards. And our focus on quality must never waiver.

To celebrate World Quality Month this year, we wanted to do something extra special – we unveiled the Collins Aerospace quality statement: All in for Quality.

All in for Quality is not just a tagline. For us, quality is personal. It represents our collective commitment to build trust with our customers and hold ourselves accountable for quality in everything we do, every single day. And, there’s nothing more important than earning the trust of our customers as we work to redefine aerospace.

We all are responsible for quality, regardless of our location, our role or what team we are on. Please join me and team members across the globe to be All in for Quality.

Hamdi Kozlu
Vice President, Quality