Collins Aerospace successfully demonstrates advances in communications technologies critical for operations in CJADC2 environment

  • Directional communication technology makes it difficult for adversaries to access communication systems in contested environments
  • Provides high performance communications, in highly contested and GPS denied environments in compact form

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Nov. 9, 2021) – Collins Aerospace successfully demonstrated a new directional communication system designed for small platforms such as unmanned aerial systems operating in contested environments. The demonstration, part of the DARPA Pheme project, showed the ability to enable connectivity in the Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) battlespace.

Traditional communication systems radiate energy in multiple directions which increases the potential for detection and interference by threats. For increased covertness and resilience, Collins developed a directional communication system leveraging 5G technology that radiates energy only in the direction of the receivers. This system incorporates new directional discovery and tracking techniques that enable operations in GPS denied environments.

Exchanging video and control data, the demonstration showed high-throughput communications with minimal detection between an airborne radio in a 5-inch pod and a ground radio. This connectivity can provide warfighters with the actionable data and increased situational awareness they need to make informed decisions confidently.

“This demonstration represents a significant step forward in enabling platforms to operate in contested environments in a very aggressive SWaP envelope,” said Ryan Bunge, vice president and general manager, Communication, Navigation and Guidance Solutions for Collins Aerospace. “For decades we’ve leveraged our expertise to develop and deliver open, modular communications and connectivity systems in all form factors that will help our customers keep pace with evolving threats and technologies across multiple platforms.”

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