Collins Aerospace launches new technology hub for business aviation services

  • Izon™ will integrate access to highly valued applications and services into one mobile-friendly interface
    Users can access the information they need anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (Oct. 7, 2021) – Collins Aerospace is launching a new technology platform — named Izon™ — that integrates and streamlines business aviation services including flight planning, weather, fleet operations and more. Izon gives pilots, and flight operators a single place to access all of their applications any time and on virtually any device that is connected to the internet.

Previously, flight operators would have to log into a different site, with a different password for each of their services as they prepared for a flight. Each site would look different and many weren’t accessible on mobile devices. Izon not only eliminates those hassles but is also designed with a flexible modern user interface and customizable dashboard to make it the right fit for flight departments of all sizes.

“Izon is a direct result of listening to our customers who were asking for a streamlined way to access all their business aviation services,” said LeAnn Ridgeway, vice president and general manager for Information Management Services and Collins Aerospace. “Izon is more than just a portal for Collins Aerospace services, this will be the hub for all business aviation services our customers need.”

Initially, Izon users will have access to the company’s ARINCDirect flight support and connectivity services as well as select third-party applications. Additional Collins services are expected to be available in 2022, including access to navigation databases for Collins-equipped aircraft, and the company’s Stage content management and Tailwind TV subscriptions. As the platform grows and evolves, the portal will allow for Collins and third parties to also share and conduct data transactions.

“Transforming data into meaningful, insightful information is just one way that Collins is simplifying the business of flight for our customers,” said Dave Nieuwsma, president of Collins Aerospace’s Avionics business unit. “Across Collins Aerospace, this digital transformation means providing aircraft operators with connected tools - such as Izon - applications and equipment to build an ecosystem that makes their jobs easier, safer and more efficient.

You can learn more about the Izon platform by visiting the Izon webpage.

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