Perfect match: Collins Aerospace offers environmentally-friendly lumber alternative to complement business jet veneers

  • Provides precise color matching to business jet cabin veneers
  • Consistency throughout the board - no knots, defects or color variation
  • Supports sustainable aviation

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (Dec. 2, 2020) – Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp. (NYSE: RTX), has introduced PrecisionPlank, a next-generation, environmentally-friendly lumber alternative that provides accurate color-matching to wood veneers for business jets. In addition, PrecisionPlank uses patent-pending technology to construct custom-sized boards from existing veneers.

“Today’s methods of matching lumber materials to existing aircraft veneers is time consuming, expensive and, at times, wasteful,” said Ian Webb, vice president of business development for Collins Aerospace. “With PrecisionPlank we are able to provide the exact board required to match the chosen veneer.”

Exact board matching is achieved using PrecisionPlank’s proprietary method of spacing the board’s wood grain to replicate the grain of the chosen veneer. Additionally, the board is free from the knots, defects and color variance commonly found in raw lumber, enabling Collins Aerospace to provide business jet cabinet shops with the precise board at the right size to match their veneer.

“Typically, cabinet shops spend an incredible amount of time milling down raw lumber in the hopes of finding an exact board match. The amount of wasted lumber and man hours is enormous,” said Webb. “We’re thrilled to eliminate that guesswork and give our customers a more environmentally sustainable alternative.”

PrecisionPlank is available to business jet operators in as little as one week - a fraction of the 9 to 12 week lead time typical of composite lumber procurement.

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