A message from Steve Timm, President

The following is a message sent by Steve Timm to Collins employees on June 2, updated June 10.

Collins Aerospace team,

The recent events surrounding acts of violence, subsequent protests and unrest in our communities – and the response we’ve witnessed in the United States and around the world – has put the very real issues of racism and discrimination front and center. These issues are longstanding. They are complex. And for many people, they are deeply personal.

This is a moment that requires honest reflection. That’s why I want to be absolutely clear when it comes to the fundamental values that unite us as a company:

We believe in treating ALL people with decency, dignity and respect. There is no place for racism, intolerance or discrimination at Collins Aerospace.

Staying true to our core values nurtures the culture we need at Collins. It will make us even stronger as a company – a culture of inclusion where everyone is heard, respected and valued.

For that to happen, we need to engage each other to listen and share, as well as strive to learn and understand each other’s experiences and perspectives. These won’t always be easy discussions – and may be uncomfortable at times – but it will make us stronger and I commit to personally leading our efforts to build an inclusive Collins culture we can all be proud of.

As Greg Hayes mentioned, we are committed as a company to building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture. And by doing so, we’re not just improving the culture of our workplace but also the communities in which we live.

Thank you for continuing to look out for each other.