Tomorrow's KC-135 cockpit is ready for takeoff

Get ready for the cockpit of tomorrow. Our latest upgrade equips the KC-135 with Mosarc-enabled products, empowering collaboration with industry partners to implement a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). Building off the legacy and proven performance of our Flight2™ capability, Mosarc features a flexible, future-ready design and turnkey, affordable upgrades that deliver on Air Mobility Command’s requirements for performance, cost-efficiency, and longevity.

Fly high with advanced integrated solutions

Mosarc is a revolutionary solution that enables AMC to work more easily with third-party software applications and hardware providers with modular building block components to create a MOSA-enabled flight deck. This advanced open systems approach increases performance, integration, safety and cybersecurity.

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Benefits of Mosarc

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obsolescence challenges
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vendor lock with seamless 3rd party integration
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strategic platform alignment
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aircraft lifecycle and cost-efficiency

Proven performance from a trusted industry leader

AMC can ensure they have the most advanced capabilities for the KC-135 flight deck, including display enhancements, advanced networking capabilities and a range of computing and software packages that integrate easily with existing systems and infrastructure. And since Mosarc is a modular solution, it’s designed to evolve as technology advances and program needs change. It also empowers AMC to invest more efficiently across all of their aircraft types when they align to meet open systems goals.

Unparalleled expertise and support

Given our extensive experience on the KC-135, Collins is in a unique position to offer superior technical and mechanical support. We have personnel in place at all major Air Force bases to support the KC-135. They know every aspect of the aircraft’s avionics and stand ready to keep your fleets flying.

Let Collins help ensure your KC-135 fleet is equipped for success – now and well into the future.

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