Enhanced Power and Cooling System (EPACS)

The next-generation of F-35

The F-35 is the most important aviation platform for our nation and our allies. It is the first of its kind, purpose-built fighter jet to provide both lethality and air dominance. It is used by all military services and our international partners. By utilizing one platform with multiple variants, the F-35 leverages economies of scale to field a cost-effective, next-generation stealth fighter.

Advancements by our adversaries, changing threats, and evolving environments require continual upgrades to the aircraft systems. The next wave of advancements will bring more than 50 improvements for the warfighter. Improvements to the jet’s sensor, radars, and weapons will tax the aircraft’s current systems and require greater cooling capacity.

According to the GAO, failure to improve current systems will lead to nearly $40 billion in additional maintenance costs. Understanding the urgency of this challenge, the Department of Defense issued a requirement to achieve 2 ½ times cooling capacity and turned to industry experts for an innovative solution.

A turnkey solution 

F-35 in flight
  • Expands cooling capacity by 2.5x to support next-generation platform advancements.
  • Leverages mature technologies to satisfy the urgent requirements of the Department of Defense’s Joint Program Office (JPO).
  • Provides other essential functions such as cockpit pressurization and emergency power.

Cost-effective design

Two F-35s in flight
  • Fits within the existing envelope of the airframe and it's compatible with all three F-35 variants.
  • Reduces platform maintenance costs by tens of billions of dollars.
  • Leverages a global supply and support network and robust manufacturing footprint.

Demonstrated success

Interior view of F-35 EPACS environmental control
  • Builds on technology that has logged millions of flight hours across multiple military and commercial platforms.
  • Proven in the lab under varied conditions and developed with millions of dollars in private investments.