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Cabin and cargo bay video surveillance

Aircraft interior

Monitor what is happening inside the cabin and on the cargo deck without leaving the cockpit with Collins’ cabin and cargo bay video surveillance systems. Video feed can be streamed to crew’s tablets for safety monitoring or recorded for future use.

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Taxi aid camera system

Prevent ground collisions and increase situational awareness with Collins' taxi-aid camera systems. With belly-mounted cameras and a camera mounted to the aircraft’s vertical stabilizer, pilot and crew can see both the nose and main landing gear, as well as the wings and fuselage, helping the crew to stay on the taxiway even in low visibility conditions.

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Viewing a taxi aid camera on a multi function display (MFD)

Head-up Guidance Systems, Enhanced Flight Vision Systems and Head-up Displays

Night runway in fog

See the runway in any weather condition with Collins Head-up Guidance Systems (HGS) and Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EVS) on Head-up Displays (HUD). Our systems provide a real-world video image of terrain, obstacles and vehicles in low-visibility conditions like smoke, smog, fog and darkness.

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HUD and EVS - Waypoints

Discover how the Head-up Display (HUD) & Enhanced Vision System (EVS) technologies can bring additional safety and increased situational awareness to the pilot while also allowing lower operating minima day, night, and in inclement weather.

Fire detection and protection

Boeing 777 tail

Detect smoke and fire in the aircraft – and extinguish it before it becomes a problem. From lavatories to cargo compartments, Collins Kidde optical smoke detectors will alert you and your crew in time. Besides overheat detection, we offer cargo deck fire detection and suppression, as well as engine and APU fire protection systems.

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Ice detection and protection

Airbus A350 plane in flight

Know when you are entering or exiting icing conditions to improve safety and fuel savings. Collins primary and advisory ice detection systems alert crew when icing occurs and either automatically activates or advises the crew to take action. Upon exiting icing conditions, an aware crew can save fuel by preventing unnecessary bleed air anti-icing operation.

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MultiScan ThreatTrack™ Radar

Avoid dangerous weather and keep your tight flight schedules with Collins MultiScan ThreatTrack™ radar. Scan up to 48 different weather cells that could be a threat. Our advanced technology makes adjustments to maximize weather detecting during all phases of flight, enabling pilots to select the most efficient routes around the most dangerous weather systems.

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