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  • Welcome and thank
  • you for taking the time
    • to get informed on this
    • very important election. We hope the
    • information you find on this website will
      • help you navigate the election process and provide
      • you with facts that will help you make an educated choice
      • that’s best for yourself and
        •  your family. Remember to check back
        • with us daily, as we’ll be updating information frequently.
        • In the days ahead, you will have the
      • choice to make - deciding whether you
    • want to be represented by a union. We strongly encourage you to vote in the election as your vote matters!
    • It’s been a challenging year for many
    • of us, both personally and professionally.
    • As we’ve dealt with the result of a global pandemic,
    • it’s no secret our industry has been significantly impacted.
    • But the aerospace and defense industry is resilient – as are we in ZZZMaple.
    • In what has been one of our most challenging
    • years to date, our ZZZMaple team has shown
  • commitment to meeting the changing demands
  • of our customers and compassion in keeping each other
  • safe and healthy. Due to your persistence and hard work, we are confident
  • that Collins Landing Systems is well-positioned for long-term success.
  • Our team here in ZZZMaple is special and we want you to be as informed as possible.

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