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Recruiting for our 2022 internship and co-op roles will begin in September!

We are always searching for the next generation of innovators. Explore how Collins Aerospace can expand your horizons.

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Team members around the world


Interns and co-ops join the Collins Aerospace team every year across the U.S.


New graduates that join us in the U.S. every year

The opportunities to build a meaningful career are limitless

From cutting-edge engineering and global supply chain to strategy, sales, and beyond, we offer career opportunities built to fly. Whether you’re a current student or a recent graduate, we have a wide range of internships, co-ops, and new graduate roles available. Join us and experience meaningful work experience aligned with your university curriculum, powerful exposure to leadership at all levels, tailored career growth, and more. At Collins, we’re redefining aerospace and we’re just getting started. Come soar with us.


Our internships are the perfect place for you to grow if you’re a current student pursuing a relevant undergraduate or graduate degree. Typically, our interns work on a full-time basis over the summer.


Our co-ops are more extended opportunities for students pursuing a relevant undergraduate or graduate degree. Co-ops run either from January-August or May-December, and offer you full-time opportunities as an extension of your university curriculum.

New graduates

Ready to launch your career after graduation? Join Collins in one of our entry-level, full-time roles and see how you can take your learning to new heights.

Global Careers.
Global impact.

Find a place where you can harness your education and skillset to make a real difference for our customers around the world.

Administrative support

Keep our organization coordinated and running smoothly.

Central functions & sales

Have an impact across sales, customer service, business development, and strategy.


Shape enterprise strategy from legal, marketing and HR to digital technologies, finance and more.


Join cutting-edge teams that redefine what it means to be state-of-the-art.

Operations & supply chain

Ensure our customers get our products and systems on time and under budget.


Help us maintain world-class standards of excellence in everything we do.

Strategic planning

Use your strategic vision to drive our future and grow our business.

  Careers Built to Fly

“My internship wasn’t just getting coffee and taking care of menial tasks. I was able to roll up my sleeves and work on real projects that impacted our national security. It was amazing.”

“My manager is so invested in my career growth development. I know if I ever have a question or need help solving a tough problem, her door is always open.”

“Everyone in my co-op program is so talented and easy to work with. We collaborate so well together, which makes working here so much more rewarding.”

Comprehensive benefits tailored to your goals

We’re deeply committed to your health, well-being, and success. When you join us in a full-time role upon graduation, you’ll receive a suite of benefits that help you launch a more rewarding career.

Employee Scholar Program

The Employee Scholar Program empowers you to develop new skills and engage in lifelong learning.

Employee Resource Groups

Our nine ERGs foster more inclusive workplaces and empower you to build a community where you can thrive.

Paid time off

Take the time you need to recharge so you can bring your best self to work.

Flexible work arrangements

Achieve work-life balance by telecommuting, working flexible hours, job-sharing, or working part-time.

Savings plans

We offer competitive 401(k) plans with a company match to help you along the way to retirement.

Health & Insurance

Enjoy comprehensive and flexible insurance options that help you stay happy and healthy.

We also offer rewarding benefits for interns and co-ops

Employee Resource Groups

Relocation assistance for those who qualify

Housing assistance for those who qualify

Employee Assistance Program

Sick days

Exposure to new graduate roles upon graduation

University partnerships and national diversity groups

We partner with universities across the United States and invest in those relationships to build bridges for students and new graduates to grow a career with us. We also partner in research, on advisory boards, with student groups, and directly with faculty to provide real-world enterprise information to foster curriculum. Additionally, we are present at national diversity conferences across the country to cultivate a better, more inclusive pipeline for diverse talent.

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