We’re reaching across markets, disciplines and boundaries to develop new and more advanced technologies. And, together, we’re making the most powerful concepts in aerospace a reality.

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We’re enabling hybrid-electric propulsion for more fuel-efficient flights.

We’re creating lighter-weight, higher-performing structures to decrease maintenance.

We’re reducing pilot workload with more autonomous operations.

We’re combining modern design with innovative technology for a best-in-class cabin experience.

We're transforming the use of data into powerful insights that improve airline and airport operations as well as passenger experiences.

We’re delivering more digital systems for the connected airspace and battlespace to support faster decision-making and improved mission effectiveness.

We’re driving forward more sustainable practices and products while accelerating advancements in technology and embracing digital transformation.

This progress is only possible when you recognize it’s not just the pieces and parts that move our industry forward, but how they all fit together. And that’s what we know better than anyone else.

From aircraft nose to tail and from the battlespace to deep space, we’re constantly collaborating with customers and partners across Raytheon Technologies, pioneering new technologies to transform promising ideas into breakthrough solutions – for today and the next generation, on aircraft and beyond.

Learn more about how we’re advancing some of the industry's biggest objectives today and redefining aerospace for years to come.

Our capabilities

Driving breakthrough solutions – for today and the next generation.

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Autonomous Operations

Aircraft cabin

Cabin Experience

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Connected Battlespace

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Connected Ecosystem


Electrified Aircraft


Integrated Solutions

Sixth generation fighter concept

Structural Technologies

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