The world vs. COVID-19: What we do matters

Coronavirus. COVID-19. In every country, on every continent, in every language - this fast-moving virus is the first thing on our minds when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we think about at night.

No matter what our job is, or where it’s located, we’re all asking the same question: What can we do to fight this global pandemic?

The world can’t fight COVID-19 without support from global manufacturing companies like ours. And, we can’t do the work the world needs us to do without the help of our employees. For now, that help is focused on keeping critical transportation functions moving and keeping the global supply chain connected with essential, life-saving supplies.

This is exactly what we mean by our mission to redefine aerospace. We innovate. We tackle big challenges. And, in this unprecedented, unbelievably challenging time, we respond in ways that are difficult – but vitally important.

Here are some ways our company, our partners and our customers are responding to the call and why we’re asking employees to keep Collins moving forward:

Our products are helping move supplies where they’re needed the most.

  • Our wheels & brakes, cargo systems and propellers, air management systems, as well as our avionics and communication systems, are key components of cargo aircraft like the C-130, in use by governments all over the world right now to move essential supplies.
  • With border closures and travel restrictions affecting ground mobility across the world, along with capacity limitations on passenger and courier aircraft, cargo planes are increasingly needed to move COVID-19-related supplies. Some medical transport organizations are even considering using cargo planes to deliver time-sensitive cancer treatments, such as stem cells for use in cancer patients.
  • Our Field Services teams around the world are enabling continued critical flight operations every day to transport medical supplies, cargo and return people to their homes.
  • We're supporting airline customers as they transition select passenger aircraft to all-cargo flight missions for supply distribution. And, we’re providing critical spare parts and support for cargo carriers as they see significant increases in operations resulting from reduced cargo capacity from cancelled passenger flights worldwide.
  • Our Goodrich hoist was used to deliver Coronavirus test kits to a cruise ship quarantined off the California coast.
  • Our Interiors team is designing and testing equipment right now - to assist first responders, health care providers and patients.

We’re keeping planes – and trains – moving.

  • Our Customer Response Center is working 24/7 with our Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sites around the world to keep commercial, business and military aircraft in service. By providing spares, making critical repairs and resolving AOG – or Aircraft on the Ground – issues, MROs are helping our customers keep the global supply chain moving.
  • Our ARINC rail solutions support vital train control and information systems for Class I freight, regional, short line, inter-city, commuter, subway and light rail systems across the United States and Canada.

We’re supporting critical infrastructure.

  • Our datalink services enable air-to-ground communications for commercial, business and government aviation – including flights supporting medical equipment distribution and other relief missions.
  • Our international trip support services help provide urgent flight planning and logistics for Air Ambulance flights, bringing citizens to their home countries and delivering much-needed supplies.
  • Our ARINCDirect team is creating a Helpdesk for customers who need real-time, travel updates during the crisis, complete with information about local travel restrictions.

Examples like these illustrate exactly why we're designated as essential to global transportation - during this fight against COVID-19.

No matter what you’re working on every day – across all business units and functions – you make it possible for us to meet our customer commitments and ultimately enable us to provide for our colleagues and families around the world.

We are needed and necessary during this crisis. And I want to personally thank you for the work you’re doing.

Together, we will succeed.
Steve Timm

Collins Aerospace Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)