Accelerating air superiority

6th gen fighter concept

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Icon of a padlock inside a stylized triangle. Icon represents open systems.

Leading open systems development

A Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) is critical to enable the rapid deployment of advanced technology, avert vendor lock and increase mission flexibility for sixth-generation fighters. Collins is leading the charge on open systems development with proven demonstrations in the field for platform-wide open systems solutions.
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A geometric shape around a stylized triangle. Icon represents advanced connectivity.

Empowering advanced connectivity

6th Generation fighter aircraft will operate across highly-contested, multi-domain environments. Connecting this battlespace remains a key priority to enable more informed decision-making across space, air, land, sea and cyber domains. With our recent innovations that connect hundreds of networks and link millions of connections, we are empowering connectivity for sixth-generation fighters in a whole new way.
Icon with three circles around a stylized triangle. The icon represents autonomous operations.

Elevating autonomous operations

Sixth generation fighter pilots will be more connected to the aircraft, and in turn, the battlespace than any aviators in history. Autonomous solutions that reduce pilot workload and support the operations of uncrewed platforms will help improve pilot safety and maximize efficiency. At Collins Aerospace, we're developing technology to make it all a reality.
Icon representing SWaP, or Size, Weight and Power

Delivering integrated solutions optimized for SWaP

6th gen fighter programs require performance capabilities like never before. Smaller, lighter and more efficient systems will enable optimized aircraft operations for superior performance. Collins unique integration ability across systems accelerates innovation to meet and exceed SWaP requirements.