The unforgiving and intolerant sea demands that your fleet be thoughtfully designed by experienced professionals and constructed with the most innovative composite materials. You can trust our unmatched expertise in design, analysis, manufacturing and testing of marine composites.

Our products provide reliability and performance, but when the need arises, we offer 24/7 world-wide service support. Collins Aerospace has been supporting the U.S. Navy and allied surface and submarine fleets for over 50 years.

Winslow Life Rafts

Isn’t your life worth a Winslow? Collins Aerospace’s Winslow life rafts are famous for incorporating quality design into each life raft. Our engineers use the latest technology to develop precise engineering drawings and specifications from which each life raft is constructed. This advanced capability allows Winslow to offer unmatched customization.

We manufacture the finest marine and aviation life rafts available on the market today. For over seventy years, we have been combining superior quality with a wide array of standard features to provide life rafts with unmatched performance.

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