When done in-house, keeping a cybersecurity system up to date and performing optimally can quickly consume resources, time and budget. Your personnel will also need to develop an increasingly complex skill set to manage your system. To avoid this timely and expensive process, a life cycle management (LCM) solution can be the most efficient and reliable way to avoid disruptive events and costly fines.


We monitor vulnerability publications from vendors and independent sources and use tools to identify needed patches in all system components.

Patch validation

Software patches for ongoing vulnerability remediation are an important aspect of maintaining an integrated software-based system that complies with NEI 08-09 requirements. We evaluate and validate all patches on a recurring basis for applicability, usability and viability. Regression and soak testing help negate impact on system performance.

On-site support

To seamlessly implement all updates, one of our engineers works alongside site personnel. They perform system-wide vulnerability management, performance optimization, preventative maintenance and COTS software patches and updates.


Critical Infrastructure Sales and Support

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