When disaster strikes and communications are compromised, Collins Aerospace's UrgentLink® disaster communications network keeps public safety, public health and critical industries connected. When everything else fails, UrgentLink has you covered.

UrgentLink is the first national, public safety grade network built for disaster communications. With ground stations throughout the country to create redundant radio coverage and hundreds of HF frequencies authorized by the FCC, UrgentLink is highly reliable when it matters most. With beyond-line-of-sight HF technology, UrgentLink doesn’t rely on infrastructure in the disaster zone, keeping it available when other communications technology fails.

Easy to Use, One-Touch Communication

Tropical storm

At the touch of a button, the UrgentLink radio connects you to other UrgentLink users within and outside of the disaster area, as well as non-users outside the affected area who have access to an operable phone. Our operations center is ready 24/7/365 to provide phone and radio patches.

Mission Critical UrgentLink Customer Radio

ARINC UrgentLink radio

UrgentLink utilizes a 125 watt HF radio with Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), which offers an affordable, easy to deploy solution. With the radio on site, you can connect with the UrgentLink network or reach out to other UrgentLink radios, directly. The radios’ small size, low power requirements and lower profile HF antenna provide flexible installation options. No radio operator license is required to use an UrgentLink radio.

Highly Reliable UrgentLink Network

UL antenna

The UrgentLink network is built using Collins Aerospace's HF cellular network technology, our 1KW transmitters and hundreds of HF frequencies. HF cellular mitigates propagation issues such as, time of day, ionospheric fluctuations, sunspot, ionospheric perturbations and frequency selection. It automatically selects the best networked ALE ground station to answer an inbound radio call or start an outbound radio call. The state-of-the-art HF-ALE network provides umbrella-like coverage over an extended geographical area providing a significant advantage over traditional point-to-point HF configurations.

Always Available UrgentLink Operations Center

The UrgentLink Operations Center is the hub of the network. Residing in the Collins’ Operations Center that manages several mission critical worldwide networks, it’s manned by operators trained to support your communications needs. We also monitor the health of the network and regularly track each customer radio for availability, ensuring that it’s ready if you are affected by a disaster.

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