With decades of experience providing proven, comprehensive solutions for the airports industry, the Collins Aerospace ARINC team understands the importance of security in every aspect of operations. It is interwoven into the architectural fabric of airport operations—protecting passengers, employees, information and infrastructure.

Biometric Solutions

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As the aviation industry continues to grow the world over and airports face the challenges of more and more traffic, the passenger expectation for a seamless journey through the terminal is only increasing. Our ARINC SelfPass biometrics technology provides walking-pace identity management from the curb to the gate. Airports can deploy the standalone self-service solutions at any touchpoint in minutes.

ARINC Biometrics Services

Solutions for Border Management

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With increasing threats from acts of terror and other national security issues, countries around the world must securely manage their borders to assure the safety of their citizens and economies. Border management agencies need systems that allow them to efficiently identify travelers, verify their backgrounds and validate their travel documents.

Automated Border Control

Automated border control

As border control grows more important than ever, it becomes more challenging to maintain operational flow in airports and avoid congestion at checkpoints. We built the ARINC Automated Border Control system to maintain the integrity of existing systems while simultaneously advancing it with modern facial recognition technology that gives passengers a fast-track option for border crossing.

Passenger Verification

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Airports need solutions that move passengers as quickly and efficiently as possible while accommodating evolving security requirements and new International Air Transport Association (IATA) initiatives. The ARINC VeriPax™ optimizes passenger flow at security checkpoints by complementing existing manual processes while enabling the verification of flight and boarding pass information.


ARINC Airport Cybersecurity Solutions

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Cybersecurity solutions making airport operations more secure

Among the most critical infrastructure systems worldwide, airports are always focused on security. Passengers want the connectivity they are used to in their everyday lives as they travel — and airports, airlines and retailers want them to have it. In this extremely connected environment, the challenges associated with security grow and evolve every day. With this increase in vulnerability, implementing a cybersecurity solution that enables continuity of operations has become paramount.

Versatile Command and Control Platform - Physical Security Solutions

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Optimizing a security architecture to meet today’s threats presents tough challenges for designers of critical infrastructure protection systems. Security managers need fully-integrated systems that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of disparate legacy equipment, can easily adapt to new technologies and keep implementation and operating costs within budget. Collins Aerospace's ARINC AIM® platform is designed to be a scalable, configurable, and cost-effective platform that seamlessly integrates existing devices, software and networks with cutting-edge security technology on certified interfaces.

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